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Mandy Schrader, Omaha, NE
"First, the engine on my 2003 Dodge Intrepid blew, going up a hill.® saved me a total of $3,000 toward the engine purchase. Then within two months I also lost my transmission, and® saved me another $2,000 there. So I saved $5,000 total.® gives you the confidence to know that you’ll be able to take care of any major problem without any major downtime. At my time of need,® was my knight in shining armor."

-Brian R.

Jim Dothage, Orlando, FL
"About a year ago, I had two major events. First the engine went, and® was very good about replacing it. Then, three months later, the transmission went out, and again they were wonderful. I love the fact that® lets me take my car to my own mechanic. Now he’s a believer in® as well! Having the extended service contract with® has given me a sense of security and peace of mind. If I had to sum up my experience with®, I would say they were fabulous. I was skeptical at the beginning but I’m not anymore."

- Terri T.

Nicole Born, Dallas, TX
"When the engine died in my BMW M3,® sent an estimator out, and he took care of everything. He called me on the phone, so I didn’t even have to meet him down at the dealer to have the stuff checked out. They repaired it, and a couple of days later my car was running like new again. From start to end,® did a great job. And the service contract is extended beyond what BMW will cover on a used car as well, so it’s pretty much a win/win situation. For the money and the coverage, everything with® was right."

- Kon W.

These results are typical for our consumers who have coverage and endured a covered repair.

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